chiesa di santa lucia manduria

Church of Santa Lucia

On the facade reads the date 1894, to report to the finishing touches. Stands on the site of an ancient chapel dedicated to the Nativity of Mary, of whom there are records since 1540 and demolished in 1876. The present church is a perfect example of neoclassicism. It has a noble facade of neoclassical purity articulated by ionic columns, by a rich portal surmounted by a curved pediment and the tympanum and attic with two bell towers. The church is dominated by the dome to slightly acute shape, divided by ribs and crowned by a lantern. It is set on a drum strengthened by buttresses. The interior with a central plan, is a bright and harmonious space with pillars, columns, altars dominated by the dome and seats for the choir. Displayed here is the wooden statue of the Madonna of the Nova, carved in Naples in 1710.

GPS: 40.397974, 17.638806