palazzo filotico imperiali manduria

  Filotico-Imperiali's Palace

The Filotico-Imperiali's Palace or "one hundred rooms", in fact 99, because you had time to complete the last, is a prestigious example of Baroque civil architecture. Commissioned to the architect Mauro Manieri from Lecce by Don Michael III, Marquis of Manduria, Oria, Francavilla and Avetrana. To make space for this building were canceled the probable remains of the prior medieval castle, and judging from the structure, it was necessary awesome job. The result was this solid architecture, which is used mostly by the landowner for the frequent hunts in the woods of Manduria when he was not in court life in Naples. The strong movement recreated in front of three bodies interrupted by advanced intermediates that move back, to the sides of the building with the giant arms of the Imperiali's family, the lilies, the falcon, the crown marquis. Forty-two windows on the three floors of the building, and those of the last bricked up with openings ovoid. Many would like to visit it, for curiosity and to discover the standard of living that could afford their feudal lord, but we must be content to enter its premises on the ground floor.

GPS: 40.399708, 17.637834