fiume chidro san pietro in bevagna

 The Chidro is the most important river of Salento , after the river that flows throughout the entire territory of Ostone Lizzano for the total length of 10 km, and is located near San Pietro in Bevagna. Legend has it that the ship that led the Apostle Peter in Rome we made ​​a stop for water supply and , in this very copious spring , probably Peter performed the first baptisms Christians in Italian . In fact, the emergence of fresh water and ' still plentiful . Although hidden by the vegetation of the area "crater" wellspring of Chidro ( name of the source , which probably comes from hydro , water) and ' up to 12 meters deep and allows for spectacular diving water clarity . The Chidro was a river full of fish , and for centuries it has been in this field and always competitive. Its importance is recognized by the nature reserves of which today is a part. Biodiversity is also important for migratory species that cross the eastern province of Taranto.

GPS: 40.305102, 17.681251