Museum of Primitive Wine

The Museum of Wine Culture Primitivo, located within the Wines Cellar Manduria (TA) combines relevance and importance of ethnographic documentary about the rural culture of Salento and cultural evolution and application of the processes of wine production in the same territory.

Under the nineteenth-century vaulted ceilings, and ancient cisterns Cantina Manduria, in fact, it is possible to enter into two types of paths to visit the museum. If, on the one hand, everyday objects and tools from the farmer of the past tell the story of social and agrarian economy of these areas, on the other hand, the chronological display of antiquated presses and containers of musts and wines, together with the succession of machinery and equipment for factories vinari testify to the evolution of technology in the fields of winemaking and oenology.

A full gallery of exhibits and artifacts, placement, in dating, from the second half of the '800 and early' 900 (but the museum also houses an impressive press on stone base of the eighteenth century), is accompanied also by 'exposure to various original documents coeval, reproducing writings and images related to the world of agriculture and wine. Among them, an edict of Ferdinand I of Bourbon in 1823.

At the Museum of the civilizations of the Primitivo wine destination for wine tourists, students, and scholars demoantropologia, you are greeted with friendly professionalism and complete your farm visit and taste the wine Primitivo DOC production (MEMORY, OPERA, and ELEGIA MADRIGALE).

The spacious rooms of the museum become a versatile container for events, hosting meetings, conferences, concerts, theatrical performances.
For groups, by reservation, La Cantina offers the opportunity to taste the typical cuisine of traditional local menu through which to rediscover the ancient flavors.

Also, contacting the staff at the winery, located in a strategic position between the provinces of Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi is easy to make themed tour to discover the many picturesque and land deals: pristine beaches and crystal clear sea, archaeological sites and museums, culture and folklore of Salento, and so much more.

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