chiesa di san pietro in bevagna

 The tower of St. Peter is a tower against the Saracens of the town of Manduria , present in the hamlet of San Pietro in Bevagna.Attached to the tower is the church of San Pietro, built on the site where St. Peter landed in Puglia.Today the tower is located in the Plaza of pardons in the heart of San Pietro in Bevagna , navy Manduria .Notify east with Torre delle Saline , between the towns of Torre Specchiarica and Colimena , and west tower with Borraco , between Campo and de'Messapi Campomarino Maruggio .The Church of San Pietro in Bevagna is a neo-Gothic basilica of the characters , set in a medieval tower . The church was built to protect the relics of St. Peter. The building is in fact the place where it is said he landed the Apostle Peter in the first century . A.D. During the archaeological excavations carried out in 2004 were unearthed tombs of Byzantine and numismatic findings that suggest the existence of a previous hypogeic crypt under the current structure, built in the late fifteenth and mid sixteenth century by the Benedictine monks of ' Abbey of San Lorenzo di Aversa which, the tower was donated in 1092 by Roger de Hauteville . The altar is housed in the base of the torre.L ' interior is simple with a single nave , while the exterior features above the lunette of the papal coat of arms in bas-relief , a stained glass window , two coats of arms on the sides in low relief , and a small belfry on the front side.

GPS: 40.306625, 17.672309