sarcofagi sommersi san pietro in bevagna

The " king of the tanks ," as they are called always 23 Roman sarcophagi dating back to 150-900 AD , lying just five feet deep in the clear waters of San Pietro in Bevagna, marine Manduria. The square feet high and wide a two feet on each side, describing the origin of the mysterious tanks , part of the cargo of a wrecked ship lapidary in San Pietro in Bevagna all'inrìrca 1800 years ago .The boat which was not stored track , could have a length of twenty meters and a width of six. The sarcophagi of white marble, in shape and different size and weight varying from a thousand to six thousand pounds , came from the Aegean and Asia Minor . Probably the artifacts were destined to Rome where they were landed in the Statio marmorum day Ostia. From here , inland waterway , archaeologists say , would come to the Marmorata Ripa , at the Mount Testaccio and the Campus Martius , where the marble workers were working at the Statio rationis marmorum . It is coffins for burial of largemen of the City. The ruins of a pier submerged in the vicinity of the site is a few hundred meters from the shore, testify to the existence of an ancient port , or at least a stopover . The sarcophagi are similar to that at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The rich field of marine archeology , judged by experts as the most accessible and important kind in the Mediterranean , will be tours of both underwater and surface thanks to special boats with round columns transparent.

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