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 TransTec Services is a services and consulting in ICT companies, technological partner of Visit Manduria, collaborates to new initiatives to raise awareness of tourism and promote the beauty of the area, bringing its expertise and its know-how on projects aimed at improving and facilitate the discovery of local cultural heritage.

Leveraging on its experience in the mobile industry, TransTec Services will implement the new App (available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone) that allow you to visit and discover the beauty of the area, facilitating access to news, to the most significant videos and maps ; thus improving the "User Experince" through the easy access to the information available in different languages.

Francesco Pio Gennari, of Visit Manduria Manager said: "We are thrilled to have TransTec Services at our side as Official Technology Partner, convinced that this cooperation will improve the experience of our tourists."

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La nuova soluzione per il supporto da remoto