torre borraco san pietro in bevagna

 Borraco Tower or Boraco (locally Burraco ) is an ancient Saracen tower located in the town of Manduria and formerly belonging to the estate of Maruggio . The tower was built in the years of the enactment of Chapters Bagliva .Left abandoned to the elements for many decades , the tower was crumbling . He had collapsed the roof and inside the structure grew spontaneously a fig tree . In 2011 and for the next two years has undergone a complete restoration and reinstalls the construction of a staircase. It rests on a bed of rock and guarding of the sources of fresh water, still exist , in fact it is close to the stream that bears the same name and dominates the landscape that develops between Maruggio and San Pietro in Bevagna.Fonti of which they used the Turkish vessels to make water reserve . It ' a tower shaped like a truncated pyramid with a square base , consisting of one room with vaulted ceilings , and on each side there are three gratings with the middle three buttresses , was built in the late sixteenth centuryThe tower is about 500 meters to the west by a small creek , the creek Borraco . Tower Borraco was reasturata in all its glory .

GPS: 40.304932, 17.635334