torre colimena

 Colimena tower is part of a defensive system of coastal towers constructed by Emperor Charles V, King of Spain, after the invasion of Otranto by the Turks in 1480 , to defend the peninsula of Salento from their frequent raids . Charles V is often quoted as having uttered the famous phrase "In my realm the sun never sets ", referring to the West to first new Spanish conquests in America after 1492 , and to the east , the Salento , the easternmost possession of the kingdom of Spain then. The only historical event of importance regarding the small town of Torre Colimena , dates back to 1547 when the Turks landed about 400 raiders from 5 ships arrived in the quiet and sandy harbor of Torre Colimena to go in a raid inland, plundering the collected on the farms around San Pancrazio and Avetrana led by Khria , a local character converted to Islam.The meaning of the name of this place is still quite uncertain.However, the etymology of the name is derived from the Greek evident that understanding of the realities and traditions consider dating back to the Magna Grecia and the subsequent presence ellenofona in Salento .

GPS: 40.295938, 17.743540